Create The Life You Desire: Self-Improvement & Self-Awareness Daily Teachings



I decided to write this book to convey and share all the knowledge and experiences that helped me discover the power we possess within, to overcome mental and physical health problems, financial difficulties, various small and big challenges in life and create a balance and calmness between mind, body and spirit.

There is no need for immense and complicated information. Just a small, simple and different teaching every day that will awaken the greatness of your soul.

The purpose of this book is not about teaching you something new, but to remind you of everything you already have within. All the knowledge and power you need to create the life you desire is hidden within you.

Every invention, discovery, and human creation comes from within us. The harmonious relationships, the excellent health, the financial freedom and a life full of happiness that you seek, are already within you. All that you need; is to remember how to manifest them out into your reality.Life is so much simpler than you think, and as you begin to understand how it works and harvest the power you have within, you will experience its magic to the fullest!

Knowing who you are – at the core of your being – knowing that you are a part of the universe, that abundance belongs to you and that you have unlimited potential within you, you will then feel ready to embark on the journey of life by showing faith and flexibility in yourself and in the tactics you will apply, letting your mind open to follow any possible path from which you may experience the result you desire to have.