Constantinos Theodorou

Visionary Entrepreneur Motivational Writer

Constantinos Theodorou (aka:Tino) is a motivational writer and visionary entrepreneur who devoted his entire life; studying, researching and exploring the human potential and the mysteries of life and our existence. He is constantly exploring all facets of life looking for ways to discover, awaken and develop our true limitless potential.

After completing his studies in Management Information System (Diploma), he went on to work in managerial and information system support positions in the Cypriot government and various other private companies. He then went on pursing the Entrepreneurial Dream Life, by starting up his own businesses and joining various opportunities.

He was mentored by many successful individuals in the field of personal and business development and studied and attended a variety of programs, books and events; giving him in-depth specialized knowledge and experience in many areas of life and entrepreneurship.

He is passionate about innovation, creativity and always looking for simple and efficient ways to help and inspire others to reach their full potential, live life to the maximum and create a better world. His sense of accomplishment comes not from the money. He believes creating wealth is as simple as providing value in the lives of others.

​Personal note from Constantinos:

“Since i was a kid I always had the urge to explore the human consciousness, life and our existence in the universe.

Throughout my exploration i was able to discover various truths and gather experiences, knowledge, and information that could unlock the hidden power we all possess within and reach our true limitless potential.

My mission is to use and share all that information so i can help people reclaim their minds, discover and develop their higher faculties and create a better world.

You have all the power within you to create, shape, manifest, do, be and have anything you desire. The sky is not the limit your mind is.”

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