Christos Theodorou

Motivational Speaker, Mind Trainer

Christos Theodorou is a Visionary, Motivational Speaker and Personal Development Trainer.

He was trained by the world’s best in the field of perosnonal development; such as TONNY ROBBINS (Author, Perhaps the Best Motivational Speaker in the World, Life Coach, Philanthropist), DR JOE DESPENZA (Neuroscience, Author), PAVLINA PAPALOUKA (Entrepreneur)

He loves humanity and envisions a world that will be in harmony and express more love, a world where people will be able to live their dreams and fulfill their own purpose that will bring them true happiness.

He believes in the unlimited power that we all have within and thus with proven strategies he encourages people to develop in all aspects of their lives and overcome their negative habits through seminars, online coaching, and selective personal life coaching with his own unique way.