About us

Our Vision


Our vision and mission is to significantly improve the quality of peoples lives and make the world a better place!


We do this by educating, entertaining and motivating through various products, services, videos and events.


We intend to play a significant role in creating a world in which true wealth, spiritual, material and intellectual abundance will flow to, through and from every person in an ever-expanding, never-ending cycle!


Visionary & Motivational Speaker

Tino Theodorou

Constantinos Theodorou (aka:Tino) is an entertainer, life mentor, explorer and visionary entrepreneur who devoted his life; studying, researching and exploring all aspects of life and human potential.

Actor & Motivational Speaker

Simos Tsakkas

Simos Tsiakkas is a talented and acclaimed actor who has participated and starred in several successful television series and theatrical performances. He is also a motivational speaker that has devoted and invested enough of his time to offer self-improvement counseling and to help others overcome everyday problems and develop their unlimited potential.